The diorama of the city ruins with
military vehicles of German or American
production is supplemented
by contemporary photos, giving evidence
of the armed conflict impacts.
The Government automobiles from
the former Soviet Union era of the
eighties, the black Čajka and ZIL remind
the past of that era. Motorization
in years after the World War II
has undergone a dynamic development
and left many memorials of
his birth. In this section is presented the series of Czechoslovak automobiles,
which represent the development of our motorization
from the forties to the eighties Around and above them are hung motorcycles,
produced in the same period.

The automobile production started the pre-war tradition in Czechoslovakia
after 1945, by which it was classified as one of the most advanced
in Europe. The production of some older models was
renewed, Škoda 1101was brought to the market, known as Tudor, and
four-door sedan Škoda 1201 in early fifties. Then the producer focused
on producing the folk cars of Škoda 440 Spartak series, later,
Octavia, they were the first cars for the broad masses of population,
which were replaced with a new concept of Škoda car with rear engine
in 1964. The car was named ŠKODA 1000 MB and its arrangement
of aggregates corresponded to the trend of that period. At the
beginning of the 80th years also Bratislava automobile works – (BAZ)
started to produce Škoda Garde automobile, then- the motor-car development
of VMV Bratislava prepared innovation of this coupe under
the name Locusta, the prototype is also exposed.
The utility vehicles, which have been developed in Bratislava, present
another group of the prototypes. One of them is aminibus TATRA 603
produced in Tatra VMV Bratislava factory in 1962, further prototype
MNA 900, MNA 1000 from the seventies and eighties produced in Bratislava
automobile works (BAZ), the vehicle for medical emergency
service constructed as MIBRA 2000 under the direction of designer
Ing. Ivan Mičík. Unfortunately, none prototype of them has been produced.
Looking at the driving school classrooms, furnished with contemporary
interior and didactic aids, the diorama- creating a picture
of working at the technical control station in