Achitectonically remarkable mansion-house at Budimír is by its localization and impresness wele visible from the road leding from Košice. It is situated near to a side-line of the motor-way connecting Košice and Prešov in the south-east part of the village Budimír. The building of the mansion-house was built in the second third of the 18th century. It is a classical theresian building with later inner adaptation in 1812. The two-storeyed threewing building with nine-axial main facade will attract the attention, above all, with its triangular sign with waluable plastic coat - of - arms.

The rooms have rolling cross and monastic vaults. After the last repairs the masion-house has got a character of manorial residence and served especially to the branch of a family Újházy. After the World war II this object has been managed by the state administration. Since the 60s the Slovak Technical Museum has made an attempt to get this object. First, The Museum obtained basement room for its depositories and in 1985 it proceeded to its reconstruction. The building was reconstructed for museum purposes. The mansion-house got its present appearance in 1990, when the first exhibition was open for public. The original plan envisaged to make a permanent outlying exhibition of the Slovak Technikal Museum. However, a musean practice has required a change in the concept. Thus, the idea to repare temtically heterogenous, harmonized exhibitions has arisen. At resent the exception is a permanent exhibition of historical watches and clocks with selected collection of exhibits from the depositories of the Slovak Technical Museum and East Slovakian Museum in Košice. This exhibition is installed in the former representative hall of the mansion. In the historical hall the ceiliing with empire decoration has been preserved. In the exhibition room various exhibitions vary at the shorter or longer time intervals orienting towards the history not only of technology, but also of art collecting. A wide collecting depository of the Slovak Technical Museum forms extensive preconditions for installing smaller, comprehensive collections of exhibits from metallurgy, mining, machinery or exact disciplines. Exhibitions are prepared in cooperation with correspoding regional and also foreign museums. A various gallery activities are a part of the programme offer. The works of our painting art are displayed periodically as well as photographical exhibitions including the present performance. Attractive setting of the mansion-house, its interiors and new French park and, above all, exhibitions provoke the cultural self-realization.

Contact :

Budimír 044 43
055/6958294, +421918965700

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 to 17:00

adults € 1.50
discounted € 1.00
occasional photo shoot: € 16.00

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