Dental technology

Many valuable historical collections found in the world museums, universities, societies and private collectors document either the development of dental medicine or especially dental prosthesis. The most complex collection specializing in the development of the given topic in Slovakia is the collection of dental technology of Slovak Chamber of Dental Technicians. Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic and a financial grant allocated to the Slovak Technical Museum to realize the intent of creating the exhibition on the topic of history of dental technology, the collection was taken to the keeping of the Slovak Technical Museum.

In april 2019 the Slovak Technical Museum introduced the general public with the exposition on the topic “Truthfully on false teeth. From craftsman through dentist to dental technician.” Various machines, instruments, tools, equipment, stomatological material, historical literature but also a couple of rarities give evidence of a really rich history of dental technology developing hand in hand with dental medicine. That`s why the authors present also the selection of turning points in the development of dental technology and medicine. On the total area of 100 m2 you can find the introduction to the subject in the form of a brief and quick tour around the most important that people invented regarding functionality and aesthetics of teeth. Interesting facts and verified truths about false teeth are followed by stylized office of the first Slovak dentist František Kuska and it evokes the right atmosphere of the era when the profession of dentist was formed. Fluent transition to the office of dental technician – partially shown dental laboratory and workplaces where dental crowns, bridges and dentures are fabricated, but also topics such as metal casting in dental technology and porcelain are followed by the illustration of dentist`s office.

Your attention will be attracted by the pedal-powered Morisson´s drill which hides the craftsmanship of its producers. It is the oldest exposed exhibit (year 1850) and it comes with drill bits made by clockmaker masters. Rare is also a polisher from the 19th century and pressure vulcanizing boilers for caoutchouc dentures. Experts will be impressed by dental kit, a product of pre-war company Českomoravská Kolben-Daněk, cabinet assistant, hot-air sterilizer and also one of the first dental X-ray machines made by SIEMENS Company. Among the dental medicine instruments, one of the top exhibits are pliers that were made by the local smith of Hriňová region in the 19th century that were used to extract painful teeth. Very interesting is the collection of dental metals and alloys of the First Slovak Refinery of Jozef  Böhm in Žilina. The furnace for ceramic crowns of Sweden production from 1923 and the box of original ceramic materials have also their place in the exposition. Older types of drill bits in original packaging, first resin by STELLON, various technical pliers for platinization, goldsmith soldering blower, box of chewing surface sealants, instruments for cutting and making cavities and other products became historical exhibits from the point of view of dental technology development. Worth mentioning are also sets of American porcelain teeth - gold and platinum, that were made in Palestine. Important place in the exposition belongs also to the instruments and equipment from Ružomberok from the residence under Čebrať from Kuska family. Many of the presented authentic movables and equipment from the workplaces of dental technology or medicine will bring visitors back in time - older ones might remember their childhood and younger ones will feel relieved that today it looks way different.