Development of typewriters

The exposition of the development of typewriters belongs to one of the most comprehensive collections. It documents the development from the second half of 19th century up to the present times.This collection rightfully deserves attention. With the first attempts to construct the typewriter came investors, who wanted to alleviate the sad destiny of the blind.After the Bratislavian J.W.Kempelen in 1775 there was Frenchman Pingeron in 1780 and Englishman Jenkins in 1784, there was alsothe Italian Pelegrina di Castelnuovo in 1800 and plenty of others.The Father of one of the greatest Slovak scientists from the 19th century Jozef Maximilián Petzval was Ján Fridrich Petzval. He was a talented technician and inventor who constructed and patented a typewriter called the "Polygraph", on the 11th of August 1824 in Levoča.

The exposition presents the most valuable exhibit of typewriters. There are more than 150 examples of the oldest industrial produced typewriters from the second half of the 19th century up to the present,starting with the oldest and our most valuable exhibit, the first Remington model from 1870-73. Among other unigue exhibits is an exhibit of some of the typewriters considered to be some of the first typewriters manufactured in Czechoslovakia starting from 1932. The exposition is intended to do more than display famous typewriters but also to illustrate the development of the typewriter and the mechanization of writing. The exposition is separated into 15 thematic parts. The first models of the Remington probably did not wear the Remington badge but were identified as Sholes-Glidden,according to its first investors. Another very interesting typewriter with unusual construction is the Hammonia from 1884-1886 and similarly the Kneist, and Graphic. Unigue to the construction of the trademark Yost is the way the letters are inked. The special way the types are organized on the Wiliams typewriter from 1892,and also the keyboard of the german typewriter the German Phönix from 1910-1912 is worth noticing.It is remarkable in that when writing the whole keyboard moves in the direction of the roller. A almost unknown small typewriter, the Noris, with a small type disk, has an unclear origin.The first typewriters with the Remington Z trademark which were produce in great numbers for the first time in the history of Czechoslovakia from 1932 under an American licence are of great value. Some of the first standard and portable typewriters are also exhibited in the exposition.