Metallurgy and exposition VSŽ, j.s.c.

The historical metallurgy exhibition elucidates the development of metallurgy on a worldwide scale with stress on the rich tradition in Slovakia.The exhibition is installed on the arranged stair and in the rooms on the first floor. There are emphasized the discoveries in metallurgy of iron,non-ferrous metallurgy and forming the metals.In the entry part attracts the visitor the model so-called "Slovak furnace"from 14th century,typical for the Slovak ironś regions. It represents the type of metallurgical shaftś furnace,that with regard to that time level of metallurgical tochnology in Europe was high progresive equipment.

Remarkable are on Slovakia the traditions of the brass foundry The documentational material from 13th century until the end of 16th century supports the existence of the foundryś workshops in Bardejov,Prešov,Košice,Spišská Nová Ves and Banská Bystrica,where from the brass were cast mainly bells,fonts,later on guns and the different decorative souvenirs.The first mention about the bells casting in Košice is dated from 1394.From the metallurgical exhibits dominates the model of single-hammer two-hearth hammer -mills. It documents hundred -years old hammer mill traditions,where mainly the region Nižný Medzev is taking special place in the history of hammer mills in Slovakia.Raw iron processing in hammer - mills in the valley Bodva in the surroundings Nižný Medzev in accordance with the state from 1774 illustrates the original map.Interested is the oldest artistic picturation ores mining and processing on our territory on the panel oil painting Rožňavskaś Metercia from 1513,too. There are exhibited the designs of the experimental equipment how to change for better the fining in Hronec from 1839 and the plans of the sheets rolling -mill in Hronec from 1813 as the model of the rolling -mill on water drive,too.The separate panel emphasizes influence of Academy in Banská Štiavnica /founded in 1770 and upgraded to Academy in 1763 /to the improvement the technical standard of the metallurgy.On the first floor at that time photographies and the drawings there are some Pohronskaś ironworks :Ferdinandś ironworks by Pohorelá,Augustinś ironworks in Pohorela,rolling -mill in Švábolka /settlement Valkovne /and the oldest Gemerś blast furnace in Dobšina.We are admiring one of the most costly exhibit -the bronze door from 1580,the very magnificent show of the artisticś casting from brass.One wingś door in Renaissance style,are decorated with reliefs and with motives from Dionys celebrations,provenance Krásnohorské Podhradie in district Rožňava,about what testifies the finding circumstances.Unique of the exhibit intensifies the reality,that the bronze door were cast in all,except of two plastic arts,that are missing.It proves the relief on the back side and X-rays,that were made from some technological most exposes places.On the door there is the notice in Latin:"Claudite iat rivos sat prata liberunt Anno MDLXXX".Unique of this exhibit,execution and the motive,too -presented the musical instruments,as the style of figures decoration are indicating,that it is getting probable about the import from Italy.The door are unique art of handicraft in European scale.From the material exhibits engages the attention the hammer blower from 1848,that comes from former ironworks in Oravské Podbieli.I exposition there is presented the set of numerous metallurgical collections, including instruments and aids that are used in moulding foundry,rolling mill and in the smithy workshops.The most important there is briefing model of the blast furnace with the attachments for the production of pig iron.

East - Slovak Iron Works j.s.c. /VSŽ/, Košice
Included in the historical matallurgical exposition is an exposition of the East-Slovak Iron Works joint stock company /VSŽ/,Košice. VSŽ uses the experiences of the generations of VSŽ joint stock company workers,and at the same time ties in the rich traditions of the metallurgy and metal treatment trade in the region of the Spiš-Gemer ore mountains,too. VSŽ is presented to the visitors as a metallurgical plant with a closed metallurgical cycle.From the numerous coloured slides and pictures the visitor will begin to get a otion about the progress of manufacturing devices of VSŽ,as for example:continuous steel casting,vacume degassing,heat wide strip rolling mill. Also on exhibition are samples from the technology of production and exhibitions of final metallurgical production:variety of sheets,formed profiles and radiators.