The department of the Energetistic

The exhibition of the department of the energetistic engines bears the name of Prof. Dr. Ing. Aurel Stodola /1859-1942/ -a world renowned scientist, who became famous in the technical world for his basic theory about the constructing steam and gas turbines. He has been invited from High Technical School in Zürich and from 1892 he has permanent acted as Professor by him founded Faculty the contracting engines, where he became famous in the world as a scientist and high schoolś Professor with his scientific work "Dampf -turbinen und ihre Aussichten als Wärmer-kraftmaschinen"/ steam turbines and their perspectives as thermal engines /, in that he put the basic to the theory that is accepted up to the present days. The collection shows steam engines and steam turbines, water-engines and internal combustion engines.

The collections of energetistic technic are concentrated on the documentation of the steam engines and steam turbines, the internal combustion engines,water engines and water turbines,including the models of these devices. One of the oldest exposition of the Museum is at most sought out by the visitors.In addition of the well-preserved original engines there are exhibited the funcional unique models, that make possible for observation the function and the construction of energetistic engines. This dynamical exhibits are for the illustration to the visitors demonstrated by the helps of compressed air. The part of the exposition that is devoted to the steam motors presented start of the steam power and is documented individual constructions of the steam engines. The dominant exhibit is original double-acting vertical steam engine, dynamo for the unidirectional current and the marbled distribution plate, that originally was made for the sugar mill in Trenčianska Teplá at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. The most admired is the set of dynamic models of the steam engines: the model of the double-acting pump for the water pumping to the steam boiler, the model of the single-acting horizontal steam engine with the moved distribution and with the steam regulator, the model of the single-acting steam engine with the linked mechanism for the in-and-out movement, the model of the single-acting high-speed vertical steam engine with the moved distribution, the model of the steam boiler with the complete armature. The visitors draws attention the model of locomotive, too - the miniature of the real steam locomotive with the complete armature and attachments.In the collection of the water engines there are presented the technical principle of the exploiting the water energy on the water engines and turbines. There is instaled the complete hydroelectric power station from 1956 with the output 62 kW,that consists from the horizontal Kaplanś turbine,the automatic regulation,failureś automatics, altenator for the electrical current generation and of the switching station. The unique exhibit is one of the oldest water engine - pistron water engine with swinging roller. The third part of the exposition of the energetistic engines is intended to the internal combustion engines. From the historical internal combustion engines there is installed unique horizontal single-acting gas engine on the lighting gas from 1886, trade mark Lange and Wolf, Number 380, Wien, with the engine power 0,75 kW. From the two stroke internal combustion motors there are in the exhibition presented the small motorcycles that were produced in Povážské strojárne in Považská Bystrica. Especially Pionier 50 and Manet -Skuter S 100 documented the beginning of the motorcycles production in the Slovakia from 1947.